Local Boutique Hotel Renovation Complete, Including New Restaurant and Kiteboarding School

Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

You’ve likely stayed, relaxed, or eaten at Numero Uno Beach House or Pamela’s over the years, but have you experienced the upgraded rooms and menu since their reopening? Puerto Rican born entrepreneur Damian Maldonado has invested millions of dollars in his purchase and renovation of San Juan’s Numero Uno Beach House (located directly on Ocean Park Beach), Pamela’s Restaurant, and a brand new kiteboarding school named Kite Puerto Rico. These three businesses have brought jobs to the community and have already brought in significant spending to the area. Read more

Connecting the Dots Between Good Culture and Good Results

Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

What’s so good about success if you can’t bring others along for the ride? Making money isn’t the same as making a life. And while anyone can start a business — this is America, all you need is a few dollars and a piece of paper—it’s difficult, thrilling, and even a bit dangerous to build a company that can change lives.  Let me tell you the story of how we built American Financing into a national mortgage brand by attracting a team of world-class people who care about the customers they serve as much as we care about their well-being. We deliver happiness by fostering it internally. Read more

Making Smart Financing Decisions

Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

While the industry standard used to involve mortgage bankers and brokers being paid on commission, based on the size of the loan they could persuade a consumer to take, the new reality is that the best mortgage professionals are paid on salary. This helps ensure that the mortgage banker is incentivized to pay attention to the needs and financial well-being of the borrower, first, rather than selling the largest loan possible. Read more at

It’s Time to Invest in Real Estate Instead of Stocks

Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

The stock market roller coaster may offer thrills, but there are easier ways of making money. Or, at least, they’re easier on the nerves. Here is my commentary about the market rout this week. Read more at

5 Real-Estate Investments for Higher Returns

Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

At a time when the stock market might see some more volatility, and housing is in a rebound, an investment property looks like an intriguing possibility. Here on my thoughts on investment properties and how to make money from real estate for

Housing and Stock Markets: Is There Double Bubble Trouble?

Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

Housing prices have been rising strongly in many metropolitan areas. But when I was asked if it’s a bubble, I am more worried about the stock market. See my commentary for

Denver Home Prices Are a Rebound, Not a Replay

Douglas Hauck, VP American Home Agents

The Denver real estate market is hot, second only to San Francisco. You need to have your financing lined up, and a great agent on your side. We are here to help. Read American Home Agents Vice President and Employing Broker Douglas Hauck’s take in the Denver Post.

Aurora-Based Mortgage Company Is Poised to Grow Nationally

Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

Read the Denver Business Journal’s profile of our founder Damian Maldonado, and learn how he and co-founder Gabie Maldonado bootstrapped American Financing from nothing more than $5,000 on a credit card as their startup capitol. American Financing is now a national mortgage bank, with a new sister company, American Home Agents. How did we get there? “Our customer service is the #1 focus,” said Damian in the interview with the Denver Business Journal.

New FICO Credit Scoring Method to Help ‘Unscorable’ Borrowers Get Loans

Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

At American Financing, we do everything we can to help borrowers with no credit history to get a home loan. A new FICO scoring method coming later this year may help us in that effort. I write about it for

When Insurers Cause as Much Damage as Catastrophes

Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

Anyone who has had their home destroyed in a fire, flood or other natural disaster knows how it can knock your personal finances for a loop for years, I write about Hurricane Sandy victims, and those who suffered the Colorado wildfires, and their struggles after the initial storm has passed. See my commentary in

Millennials Can Finally Afford Homes With New Mortgage Rules

Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

I write about how the new mortgage rules are making it easier to buy a home. Everything from mortgages at 3 percent down and lower private mortgage insurance rates are working in your favor. Millennials, for the amount you likely put down for first month, last month and security on a rental, you might be able to put a down payment on a home. I write about it for